Pastor: Donald Washington

Pastor Donald Washington was born June 13, 1963 To the parentage of the Late Calvin Washington and mother Louise Washington.

He served in ministry for many years under his father The Late Calvin Washington. Min. Don Washington studied at Southern Bible Institute and Dallas Theological Institute. He is presently attending Seminary College. The Lord called Minister Don Washington to the next level of ministry "Pastorialship".

Pastor Don Washington is the founder of the True Vision Worship Center. God has anointed Pastor Washington to preach the uncompromising Word of God. He stands tall in authority as he rightly divides the Word of Truth through sermons titled: "Basic Instructions", "I'm In The Book","This looks like a job for El Shaa'dah", "Don't let my past send you to Hell", "I'm a living testimony", "It's not my fault; I'm blessed"" "You ain't seen nothing yet".

Pastor Washington has been charged with a vision from God to: Teach Godly Principles, Preach in season and out of season, Win souls to Christ for the Lords sake and to live a Christian life before men that they may see his good works and Glorify our father in Heaven.
Quote: Everyone needs an Ordained, Spirit filled Shepard that is lead by God

+Do you have a vision? The Lord said, write the Vision, and make it Plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

*Experience the Presence of the Lord*